My Passion

I am an open and collaborative partner for those seeking science-based inspirations and solution-oriented support, by:

  • Inspiring audiences with purpose-oriented insights,

  • Coaching responsible leaders to become positive changemakers, ​

  • Consulting change-ready organizations to accompany their transformation towards higher purpose,

  • Researching the underlying factors that enable an individual and organizational mindset shift, ​

  • Facilitating multi-stakeholder projects around wicked societal challenges, and 

  • Creating safe learning spaces* for the next generation of change agents in universities. (* teaching)

I am passionate about creating relevant content and processes by working with companies and projects, often in extensive co-creation processes, and by prototyping new approaches and solution real-time in business and society.


8 years

Consulting in mergers and strategic reorientation, executive coaching, and advisory board member positions across Europe


12 years

A business career at Schindler, Alcoa and P&G focused on business strategy in Switzerland, Australia, the U.S., Russia and the Netherlands


13 years

Thought leadership, research strategy, program direction, institute development at the University Zurich, Basel and Business School Lausanne


10 years

Full-bottom line reporting responsibility for two organizations through a transformation (Alcoa Russia and BSL Lausanne)


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See more partnerships and consulting projects on the Institute for Business Sustainability website.

I work independently in a portfolio career and am available at reasonable rates because I measure my worth through the quality of my life and not with the money I make.


So don't hesitate and check if I am available for what you need. We'll figure out something that works for you and me: 

Thanks! Message sent.

I love traveling

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