I work with organizations and teams of all kind along their transformative journey: 

  • New organizational structure

  • Embedding sustainability in strategy

  • Developing responsible leaders

Consulting options

I work with organizations of all kind and across all industries using a tailor-made approach for the challenge the organization is facing. I build on leading best practice from science and practice and use tools I have co-developed if and when appropriate, in service of a pragmatic solution. 

Some of these tools that I find valuable are featured here below. The purpose of many of them are to create the basis for a new kind of conversation among the involved leaders and teams, so that a new understanding and perspective can be jointly developed and a innovative solution emerges.

SDG Strategy - the SDGXchange

The SDGXchange is a hands-on strategy tool creating outside-in business opportunities through positive contributions to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The SDGXchange helps business: 

  • Translating the SDGs into local business relevance and prioritizing relevant sustainability issues 

  • Creative reflection and prioritization based on true business sustainability

  • Co-creation and innovation of new strategic business opportunities

Agil.works is the result of a group of experienced organizational development coaches and consultants, working with service organizations and business leaders on new forms of decision-making, organization and governance, often finding tailor-made solutions combining self-organization with elements of hierarchy.

Katrin brings in her multi-year experience with holacracy, an intense form of self-organization, allowing her to advise organizations on the advantages and disadvantages of a variety of self-organizing strategies. 

The Competency Assesment for Responsible Leadership (CARL)

CARL was developed by a group of Thought Leaders committed to the development of Responsible Leadership (RL). It's is a quick free on-line assessment which builds a profile around five RL competencies and three domains of action.

CARL delivers an easy to read RL profile for individuals and team, which can be used to identify development needs and track progress. To date over four thousand CARL assessments have been generated. The data captured allows researchers to attempt to answer the question: to what degree can we actually educate responsible leaders?

True Business Sustainability

True Business Sustainability introduces a new typology of business sustainability, something that has been missing so far. It provides a framework to engage in the transformation of business, moving from “business‐as‐usual” to “true business sustainability” and illustrates what these different forms mean in business practice.

The GAPFRAME is an easy-to-use data visualization tool designed to give practical support to everyone working towards a sustainable and safe future. It is the culmination of 18 months’ work by a group of Sustainability Thought Leaders, driven by the desire to make it easier to deliver on the Sustainable Development Goals.


GAPFRAME translates the 17 Global Goals into relevant and measurable issues for each nation and presents them in a visual multi-dimensional world map. It is a great conversation starter.

The Collaboratory

The Collaboratory is an open-space, creative method for hosting meaningful conversations where various stakeholders tap into the collective intelligence to generate solutions to complex problems. In our dreams, the collaboratory becomes the preferred meeting place for citizens to jointly question, discuss, and construct new ideas and approaches to resolving sustainability challenges on a local, regional, and global level.

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