You can book me for: 


I work with organizations and teams of all kind along their transformative journey: 

- new organizational structure

- embedding sustainability

- developing responsible leaders


I deliver tailor-made inspirational key notes and contribute to insightful panel discussions on topics like:

- true business sustainability

- the superpowers of co-creation

- business and the SDGs

- transformation

- self-organization


I am particularly good in enabling fresh & open dialogue and a space full of positive energy. I moderate


- sessions

- events

- stakeholder groups

- teams


I am providing effective classroom interaction and dynamic learning on the topics of:

- sustainability

- organizational change

- responsible leadership

- social innovation

- business of the future

I work independently in a portfolio career and am available at reasonable rates because I measure my worth through the quality of my life and not with the money I make.


So don't hesitate and check if I am available for what you need. We'll figure out something that works for you and me: 


I direct the Institute for Business Sustainability together with Thomas Dyllick on sustainability management and responsible leadership and how they connect with social innovation & transformation, corporate governance & strategy and education.

Business with its power to innovate is a key enabler to solve the Grand Challenges as defined in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Science based targets and collaborative multi-stakeholder change processes are central in creating such new pathways. The SDGs can become a pathway for business to be celebrated for its contributions to society. This would require, however, new approaches in management and leadership thinking.


Enabling this shift is what I am truly passionate about. Responsible leaders are capable of strategically orienting their organizations to create sustainable value that sustains them long-term and ideally addresses critical societal or environmental issues. Innovation in the social field and social entrepreneurship are becoming inseparable elements of a future-oriented corporate governance and strategy.


Sustainable development affects corporate strategy and requires a closer engagement with stakeholders. The ability to cooperate beyond traditional organizational boundaries is at the heart of my Collaboratory research. My educational interest in this context is about creating and facilitating effective learning spaces that enable the personal values-based connection that is crucial for adopting a different stance when considering the role of business in society. Overcoming cognitive barriers is key in enabling the organizational change and this is, in my view, how responsibility and sustainability interconnect.


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University of Exeter

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Management Studies.


Business School Lausanne

MBA, International Business Strategy

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